We bring the magic of Glamping to your location

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine the way people perceive the quality of life. We do it through a unique concept of glamorous and luxurious Vacation with nature called popularly known as glamping. We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts, bioclimatic architects, adventurers, entrepreneurs, interior designers, Ex-tent manufacturers, Growth hacker and hospitality experts who believe that true glamour is found outdoors. We believe that people are looking for unique experiences in nature where they can reconnect with their lives and the environment, realize their passions and make love with their lives again.

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Campking not only leads in glamping tents but gives the complete solution for the luxury campsites. Our consultation is not confined to the resort owners, but we also give technical and design consultation as well as quality check service to the leading tent manufacturing agents. Our Consultation and business solution approach is unique in the world of glamping destination development. We guide you through all stages of development, so that you can save your money and time entering the glamping business.

To Start Your Glamping

Transforming your unexplored and raw location into a Luxury camping destination may seem difficult. A pleasing accommodation is not worth anything if there is no recognizable identity accompanied by good management. Developing a glamping resort with multiple suppliers, options, and research takes a long time, generates problems and costs money. We are 16-year-old company with the experience of 700+ glamping projects in 38 countries.

Deal with brands, in brands & for brands.


Campking brings together people and companies that share the same attitudes and values and that have the energy to reach them in daily life for all of us. To ensure a high level of quality in all stages of development we have formed the Campking, where different companies and international experts from different sectors such as architecture, landscaping, hospitality and tourism management, marketing, construction, carpentry, etc., with the purpose of offering you a complete business solution for the success in the development of luxury glamping destinations.

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How we are the best ?

We are the leading manufacturers of adventure and resort supplies. We know the process, base prices, feasibility, results of thousands of experimentation, nature of fabric, life enhancement factor and much more. We have the youngest and most experienced team. We can guide the best. We want to focus on market change by providing the exact market and products for you. We know how to find the luxury in the wild.

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How we are diffrent ?

We stand out from the point where camping takes its path towards glamping by adding the components of luxury, concepts, adventure and customer engagement activities and much more. Our distinctive glamping concepts and lodging solutions have been designed to provide the most intimate union with nature without compromising the comfort that a 5-star hotel can offer.

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Why Visit us ?

We believe in touch and feel experiences and have tried our level best to make few of our suggestions physically present at our location to help you make the best choice out of the best options. Moreover, these discussions and decisions are the best taken on a common table. Either you can visit us or we can visit you.