“Lotus Belle Tent “
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“Lotus Belle Tents”

Lotus Belle Tents are very well known in the Glamping industry as they are affordable, have a lot of usable space when they are up and they are an unforgettable onion shape! I like how Wild Hare Events.Describes the tents as being ‘shaped like a nest of freshly whipped meringue‘ – they are quite right! That is exactly what the Lotus Belle Tents remind me of and like a meringue these tents are very light and airy on the inside because of the spacious interior.

“Interior features”
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The idea of visiting a campsite that has a Lotus Belle Tent pitched and ready for my arrival sounds like a glamping holiday I wouldn’t want to miss! As you can see from the photos in this blog post, many campsites choose to have ‘proper beds’ in these tents and some of them even have wooden floors, full size furniture and scatter cushions! But even better than those selling points is the fact that some campsites have a woodburning stove fitted in the bell tent! I bet that must generate a lot of warmth in the tent and it would make your glamorous glamping home very cosy indeed!

“Glamping Gallery”

unique interior design

Unique interior design, glamour comes as standard. From the spacious lounge, comfortable dining area to the upholstered signature walls, nothing else comes close.

“useful info”

unique interior design

“Here is some useful information that you may like to know ”

Simple and ready for your next adventure.Relax, feel and fully enjoy the nature. Durable, lightweight and spacious. Discover nature in the most genuine form. Simplicity at its best.

  • Lotus Belles are very simple to use and can be pitched by one person in under an hour.
    They are easily cleaned, stored and repaired if necessary
    Each Lotus Belle comes with a one-year manufacturing guarantee, however even with heavy use the tents should last for many years
    They are made from heavy gauge canvas and have oversize guy ropes and chunky wooden toggles
    The larger tents are hand made from 360-gram canvas so they ‘breathe’
  • This means you will stay cool on warm summer mornings
    The canvas material has all the latest high tech water, rot and fire retardant treatments.
  • The outward curving steel wall poles are the secret behind the expansive interior space but these also give the structure a rigidity and shape that makes it highly tolerant to strong wind.
    The tent includes a ‘bath ground sheet’ that curves up 4 inches all round the edge so that even if the tent is pitched directly onto the ground, you will remain dry in spite of very heavy rain and/or an already water logged field. This also helps prevent creepy crawlies from crawling in! That’s what I like to hear!
  • Lotus Belle Tents are similar in height to a yurt and have more standing space than a bell tent. The Lotus Belle is unique in providing standing space throughout the whole of the interior, allowing for a much more comfortable camping experience.
  • It’s easy to store and transport the tent with just one centre pole and ten lightweight and flexible wall poles which disassemble easily and quickly. Another original feature of The Lotus Belle is the separate wall and roof canvases allowing far more manageability as well as a much quicker drying tent.
  • The Lotus Belle has two windows, allowing natural light to flow in as well as the circulation of fresh air. Each window has a canvas curtain which can be rolled and zipped up.